Wednesday, May 26, 2004

2nd day and 3rd day of project

25-26 may 2004

2nd day(yesterday):
i was surprised when early in the morning the supervisor told me dat me and my project partners, betty and jaymond are to go to temasek jc (TJC) for this engineering fair they're having starting this thurs-sat.

we were told dat there's gonna be a briefing at 3:30 pm later dat day.
the lecturer was surprised when i asked her for an XL shirt.
nothing much happen today...

3rd day(today):

well, i assumed the camera wouldn't be updated until after the exam result.
as usual nothing much happened today. its a long and boring day..
today, i ate lunch at da south canteen with sharon, esther and jaymond...
later, kenny came at the canteen to eat with his friends...

at around 4 plus today, i went to the lib to return da cd dat i'd borrowed earlier..
and to look up for some books dat might be of used for my project...
and during dat time, my supervisor actually paid a visit and he told betty dat
i will be concentrating on active X...
well, there goes a new search...


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