Monday, May 24, 2004

first day of project

its scary...
24th of May is our official first day of project... i came as early as i can yesterday, like i was told... but, no one was there! i was the first one to arrive... i arrived at 8:30 in the morning.
i didn't realise that we are supposed to come at 9:00, i think i'm too early.
i spent they time sms-ing my frens, my bestfren aizah, was the first to reply to me dat morning. it made me happy. coz she still remember me! ^^
later, i went to check if the LT is opened, but the door was locked and many people have started to arrive one by one.
i get a little edgy.
9:05am, pauline came and saw me... and of coz since i'm seated she came towards me.

during the briefing..
the thoughts that came to my mind:
who wil i be doing my project with?
my stomach started to tremble within.
what project will i be assigned to?
its a scary thing, to wait for answers to be revealed. My knees were shaking.
the suspense of waiting. and the lecturer who was supposed to brief us was late
for more than 10 mins...

finally! at 1:30 the answers revealed. i was assigned to ICG dept. i have to do something about IVR system. got to know two girls on dat monday. turned out that betty is gonna be my project partner for the whole of twelve weeks (hopefully its only 12 weeks...). my project supervisor for the whole 12 weeks is Mr Ling.
later, we moved on to the lab and was seated at our station.

and so, the project has begun...


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