Thursday, June 03, 2004


Sometimes in our life, there'll always be the times we had to make decisions, difficult decisions. And teenagers are often the ones who had most of the times had to face this kind of situation.
Take for example, a traditional gal who was supposed to be obedient with the rules, suddenly had to break one of it, she was trusted by her parents to study overseas, for further education. But during her studies there, she is put in an environment where people don't really bother to care about traditional values or morales, in which they should respect others as they are. Her friends are totally fun-seekers(there's nothig wrong with having fun, if you deserve to have it. The thing is, who don't deserve fun always get it, and they always get away without paying for the fun they have!), people who care lesser than less about morals and decorum. They know, she is forbidden to drink liquors or the sort, they know she is forbidden to go to discotheque, they know she must not mix with guys who are of not blood relatives as freely as if there's no boundaries, yet they persuaded her and threatened to ignore her if she doesn't follow them.
The girl who used to be lonely, and now felt that she had found companions find it hard to reject. And yet she knew her parents had trusted her. She knows she must say 'no' to them even if they are her friends, but she never said it. The feeling of being lonely again, to be in solace again frightened her.
She was afraid of losing her friends, she doesn't want to go the dark, lonely place again. She doesn't want to go there again... It was miserable to be alone. She knows deep in her heart, how much her parents loved her, but how can she always be with them? She's not someone who can afford to go home once a year, let alone every month. Neither can she contact them everyday for if she did, she wouldn't have enough money to pay for her fees and she couldn't always write letters to them, for it takes time and she is awfully busy with her lectures, studies, projects and all.
She need company and when she finally found it, she felt reluctant to let it go. So what is she to do now? She never said 'yes' to them, neither did she say 'no'. What must she do now? Should she let go of her friends and continue to live as it is...?

I don't know... Its not an easy thing to solve...


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